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All about Garage Doors

All about Garage Doors
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A garage door is a closure to a garage that may provide a large enough opening for one, two, or more automobiles to fit into the garage. They are also used as storage spaces that can keep and protect items or appliances (i.e. washer & dryer, bicycles, treadmills, etc.) that may be too large to fit inside a living space. Older doors were mostly manual, while newer models are mostly electric. Older ones were made of wood and most tilted up and back while newer ones can be made of insulated, uninsulated, or decorative steel. They may be single panel, sectional, or a roller door. Many of the newer models use a rolling device to roll up. They operate either on tension springs or extension springs.

The precursor was the ‘float over door’ which came out in 1902. Also, a wood door was produced by Rhead in 1935.

Why We Need Them

All about Garage Doors• They contribute to the safety of the community, the family, and the individual. A secure door is essential and can only help to provide a sense of security for the private citizen and his personal property. If this is his goal, it would be of paramount importance to contact and retain the services of a reputable garage door company such as ours to do the work.

• Garage door service is a necessary expense in environments that often have adverse weather conditions. Not only does it protect its contents from elements such as snow and heavy rain but from most weather related elements year round. There are several incidents where more than one has collapsed under the weight of heavy snow or rain. If your door does malfunction for these or any other reason, it would be necessary to call a garage door contractor and ask him for an estimate on the work that needs to be done.

We recommend that you give us a call if you have any trouble from your door. No matter the cause, our company is the best garage door company in the area.

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