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Find out more about automatic garage doors by reading the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about them. Get your information here.

What are insulators for?

Insulators on garage doors help regulate the temperature inside in relation with conditions outside. Without insulation, your heater or AC system would have to work overtime if the temperature outside reaches extremes. According to our specialists in Short Hills, insulators can even lower your power consumption in the long run.

Can the garage door remote be replaced?

Yes, the remote can be replaced. However, you must make sure that you reprogram the transmitter as well since the lost remote could find its way to the hands of other people. It can become a security threat, so changing the code and program of the transmitter is very important.

Why do some garage doors make noises and are heavy to lift?

Doors that are too noisy and heavy to lift have problems with their springs. If you notice these problems, you need to be cautious because if they snap, they will cause serious body injury. Also, keep in mind that springs are essential components of a door so they must be checked regularly.

What happens when door rollers are worn out?

Worn out garage door rollers may result in clicking or grinding noises every time the door is closed or opened. Rollers are generally not to be lubricated if they are made of nylon or plastic. Lubrication maintenance, according to our experts, does not do anything substantial to improve their state. Rollers have to be replaced once they are worn out.

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