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Safety Sensors Replacement

Garage Door Repair Services in New JerseyWhen the door keeps reversing when you try to close it with the opener and you have to keep pushing the wall button to actually get it closed, the problem is most likely caused by the safety sensors. Basic troubleshooting involves wiping the photo eyes clean and aligning them to be exactly opposite each other. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the sensors should be replaced. In general, it is best if these devices are tested every three months. The test involves blocking one of them with a solid object while the door is open and starting the opener. The door should not move or move just slightly and then reverse. If it goes down, the sensors should be changed.

Spring Repair

When the torsion spring holds too much or too little force, there are problems with closing and opening the unit. The force can be reduced or increased with accurate adjustment. This type of repair involves a considerable safety risk. This is because the spring is under great tension due to the force which it holds. If it is not handled properly, it can release unexpectedly all at once, and become extremely dangerous. When the spring is broken or seriously damaged, it should be replaced. For the repair to be effective and to have long-lasting results, the new spring should be strong and durable. It is best if it has a cycle life of over 15,000 cycles in addition to a big wire size. The replacement involves mounting the spring over the shaft and loading it with the required amount of force.

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