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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement
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Springs used for garage doors have two types, namely the torsion and extension springs. The torsion springs are located above a closed door, while extension springs are found above the upper tracks on each side of the door. These are both tightly wound, which means they are under extreme tension. Garage door springs have a certain lifespan measured in cycles. A cycle includes one closing and opening. The average lifespan is about 10,000 cycles. Replacement of springs depends on your actual usage. If you use the door at about twice daily, springs can last up to 14 years, which means if you use it for about 4 times a day, it can last 7 years.

When to Have it Replaced

Garage Door Spring ReplacementSpring replacement is a common garage door service required on an overhead door. These parts come in different sizes and act as a balance, lifting most of the heavy door’s weight. The springs also make the door open and close easily either manually or automatically using an opener. It is very important to check if the springs are in good condition. If you know that the springs of your door have reached their lifespan, have it inspected by our technicians because they could easily break. Continuing to use the door with broken springs could be harmful, aside from the possibility of adding damage to the door and opener. It is risky to repair it without proper training and tools. It would be best to ask our Garage door repair Short Hills experts for help.

There is no need to worry about broken springs because most garage contractors can fix garage door torsion springs. This is part of the services they offer. Extension springs can also be replaced. These tasks should be handled by trained technicians who got the necessary tools and skills.

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