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My Car Wrecked My Garage Door Springs

My Car Wrecked My Garage Door Springs
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Its early morning and not even your coffee can make you feel alive. Sluggishly, you head out to your garage and start your car. The car goes into reverse, you apply pressure to the gas, and OH NO! You’ve backed into your garage door. Now you’re awake. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. This is not an uncommon issue according to our professionals who offer professional garage door repair services.

The Door is Stuck Open - Now What?

My Car Wrecked My Garage Door Springs in New JerseyWhen you are faced with a broken garage door spring that leaves your door stuck in an open position, you're facing various issues along with it. The garage typically provides additional access to the home. If you bumped the door and didn’t hit it that hard the damage may not be that bad. Turn off the garage door opener. Apply a minimum amount of pressure to open the door high enough to move your car and then manually pull it down to close it.

What if the door won’t close?

If you are unable to manually close the door, and it looks like you are going to need spring replacement, call a professional to come out assess the situation.

Should You Get Your Insurance Company Involved?

For issues involving garage door torsion spring repair, the price could be high. You can handle damages to your automobile with your auto-insurance policy as well as using your home owner’s policy to cover costs relate to the doors. Sometimes your deductible will be more expensive than the actual cost of repairs. It is a good idea to weigh in all of your options and see what the best course of action is.

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